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News & Updates


November 1, 2017
Please read below for some recent changes we have made to our payment options and for our plans for the fall and winter seasons.
Payment changes:
Recently, ExteriorScapes has teamed up with Bank of America and as a result we are now offering our customers some new payment options!
Beginning November 1, 2017, ExteriorScapes will accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club International, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. In addition, if you have a larger project in mind we can offer financing! Financing a project will require a credit check and all financing would be through Bank of America. We are excited about this! and this makes it even easier to manage your payments and projects. If you are interested in setting up reoccurring payments we can keep your payment information on file and set that up for you. All payment information would be secured through Bank of Americas systems to ensure your information is safe. For more information or if there are questions feel free to contact us at 203-423-9173
Fall leaf clean up:
At this time of the year we will be splitting our property maintenance customer list in half and go to an every other week schedule. This is due to the lack of growth in lawns and the extra time it takes to clear leaves from lawns in order to cut the grass. Please be advised that we may not be at your house on your normally scheduled day, we may be a day early or a day late. Wind, rain, and temp. this time of year are factors in how quickly we get the work done.
Winter residential snowplowing:
There MAY be a slight increase to cost per visit for snowplowing this season. This is due to a 12.65 % increase in our insurance rates which I am told everyone will see, due to the recent large storms that have hit the U.S. A. 
Reminder: It is very important to install your snowplow markers in driveways before the ground freezes. Insurance companies often don't cover damages to property that is not marked.
If there are any questions or concerns please contact me direct at 203-423-9173 or by e-mail at
Joseph Esposito / Company owner
Exteriorscapes LLC




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